Viking cooker review

Viking Professional Freestanding Electric Induction 30”W. Range

A good range with quality control issues

I bought this model at the end of October 2012 so that we had a reliable oven for Christmas; it was as well that I allowed so much time as the last Technician’s visit was 19 December.

First warning: in Canada it is delivered with a plug and lead rated at 40amp although the range requires a 60 amp supply (Max load 54.9 amp)

Second warning: although sales staff may tell you induction hobs work with most pans that will hold a magnet, this one comes with warnings never to use cast iron or enamel-based pans as they could damage the ceramic top. Nor are all pans as good as each other – my old steel pans with heat diffusing and magnetic sandwich bases are slower than my new Cuisinox.

That said, the hob is terrific with instant heat control, heating and cooling very quickly. I’ve used various types of electric and gas hobs in the past 50 years and this is the best by far.

However, when first used the oven did not heat up properly and certainly not in the time Viking state. It took five service visits to get the oven working properly. At Viking’s suggestion, the technicians replaced the temperature sensor, main control board and control knobs which Viking admitted had shown problems; they then spent hours recalibrating the oven settings to ensure reliable temperatures. Despite being authorised to service Viking ranges, the service company found it difficult to obtain full technical details from Viking, who eventually responded to my letter detailing my problems on 27 February 2013.

Now it is working properly I am pleased with the oven which produces nicely cooked baked goods, fantastic roasts and fast, even grilling (broiling).

Update February 2019

After just over 6 years, 2 of the hob plates/burners have failed. The replacement parts are US1,200, CA$1,600 plus installation, taxes etc. I’ve just paid out over $2,000….About $150 of that is the service company’s markup but they give me a year’s warranty whereas Viking have so much faith in their quality control that their guarantee for these parts is 90 days. Says it all.