Strawberry mousse (souffle)

The original “Dennett special” was based on GH Milanaise souffle and Cordon Bleu (Egg cookery) Souffle Chinois. I am sure  I used more than the stated GH amounts of strawberries and cream but have no record. Internet searches suggest proportions are quite flexible. It is supposed to be allowed to set in a souffle dish smaller than the volume made, using a collar of greaseproof paper tied to the top of the dish, removed when the “souffle” has set – see GH illustration of Lime souffle – but I have never bothered as it’s too difficult to store in the fridge. This worked:

Stage 1 Ingredients:   3 egg yolks  3oz sugar  1tsp lemon juice  1tbsp water

Stage 2 Ingredients:   1 packet gelatine granules (11g)  1tbsp hot water  1tbsp fruit puree (from 12oz stage 3)

Stage 3 Ingredients:  12oz strawberry puree  160/170 ml whipping (35%) cream

Stage 4 Ingredients:  3 egg whites


Stage1  Put stage 1 ingredients in a metal bowl which fits well above the water level in a saucepan (Bain Marie). Whisk them over hot but not boiling, or even simmering, water until thick and creamy. Remove from heat and continue whisking until mixture is cool. While it is cooling set the egg whites to whisk until firm peaks are formed.

Stage 2  Put gelatine in small bowl and slake with hot water. Add a tbsp of the fruit puree and microwave gently until dissolved. NB gelatine “blues” strawberries and raspberries so keep the fruit to a minimum. Add fruit puree to the egg mixture and then add the gelatine, whisking all the time.

Stage 3 Stir in cream until evenly mixed.

Stage 4  Check egg whites still stiff and then fold them gently into the mixture. They should be quite well blended but do not over mix or the result will be flat and leathery. Pour into bowl and chill to set.