Roast Guinea Fowl (Pintade)

Loosely based on Pintade au cognac in Classic Kitchen Poultry & Game

Because cast iron oval lidded casserole cannot be used on hob, heat up in oven at 350F with a large knob of butter inside, no lid. When hot, place bird in casserole, propped on two large chunks of onion so breast remains uppermost and can brown while roasting. Place slices of streaky bacon on fatless areas of skin – probably tops of thighs, maybe sides of breast.

Heat a few tbsps of brandy in small saucepan, light brandy and when flaming, pour over bird in casserole. Add about an inch of chicken stock with rosemary leaves and place casserole in oven. When temperature back to 350F, set at 325F Convection Roast, with potatoes on top shelf. Baste bird regularly with butter/stock mixture, topping up with stock when necessary. After about an hour, potatoes and bird should be brown and cooked, may take a little longer. It may be necessary to remove bacon to brown skin.

When bird finished, transfer to board to rest covered. Pour gravy from casserole, scraping out any browned stock, using extra stock if necessary. Serve with chopped mushrooms cooked with garlic and thyme.