Brinsford Rice and Shrimp

This is based on a recollection of a meal occasionally served to us in student accommodation more than 45 years ago. The original was probably mostly white rice with some tomato paste and a handful of prawns or shrimps, garnished with ring slices of raw green bell peppers.

My current version involves boiling brown or white rice and, while that is cooking, frying some chopped tomatoes, maybe onions, garlic, red bell peppers in a pan to which the cooked rice is added. Check seasoning. In a separate pan fry chopped green bell peppers and when slightly charred in places but still fairly crisp, add cooked prawns. Fry until surplus liquid largely evaporated or pour it into the rice mixture, and finish the prawns and peppers with spicy oil before serving on top of the rice mixture with a green salad.