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Wormseed Sandmat

Wormseed SandmatEuphorbia vermiculata

Quite similar to the Euphorbia maculata (Spotted Spurge) which is not always spotted.

Note how the leaf shape of this species is a bit different, somewhat broader the base on the long side and broader at the apex on the short side of the blade. The apices are essentially acute. Perhaps the most significant characteristic is the presence of pilose hairs on the leaf blades.



Common enchanter’s nightshade

Common (Broad-leaved) enchanter’s nightshadeCircaea lutetiana canadensis

Location – BDU Garden

Broad-leaved enchanter’s-nightshade is native to eastern North America. It is found in moist to wet and riparian forests or on rocky hillsides in drier forests.

Common Quickweed/Shaggy Soldier

Common quickweed/Shaggy Soldier/Peruvian Daisy – Galinsoga quadriradiata

A non native (South American) weed that springs up in disturbed sites and seed spreads very efficiently

Location : uncut lawn in Baie-D’Urfé

Common yellow wood-sorrel

Common yellow wood-sorrelOxalis stricta

Also found in the garden as our untended lawn gradually turns into a flower meadow … “a cosmopolitan plant, perhaps native to North America”

Rough Cinquefoil – Potentilla norvegica

Rough Cinquefoil –  P. norvegica seems most likely although Rusian (or Downy) Cinquefoil – P.intermedia is closely related and hard to distinguish photographically. USDA range maps state native to Canada for both spp.

Another introduced species of wild plant from Eurasia that is now growing in our Montreal garden