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Canadian (showy) tick-trefoil

Canadian (showy) tick-trefoil – Desmodium canadense

Native to north-eastern NA. Occurs at forest edge or wet meadowland. The area of these photos was a bit dry which may account for why the plants were not upright. It was also windy.

Found at Cap-St-Jacques.

Eupatorium perfoliatum  (Boneset)

Eupatorium perfoliatum – Boneset

Collected in the Arboretum (and also) the Garden

Native, common but really puzzled me at first, initially because the flowers had not opened but in fact they do not have obvious petals.

Likes moist ground which may be why it has appeared in the garden this year (2017).

Garden specimen

Arboretum specimen

Arboretum specimen

Oenothera biennis  (Common Evening primrose)

Oenothera biennis – Common Evening primrose

Garden arrival specimen so perhaps should be in Weeds although it is a native wild flower.

I can’t decide whether to keep it in the garden: it has flowers which attract insects but unfortunately that includes Japanese beetles. Does it keep them off other plants or merely attract them to the garden?