The Plant Project

The Plant Project is a collection of images and information about wild plants we have seen in wild places.

To start with we have albums of photographs but we are developing a more scientifically-based search facility and tools to aid identification.

The Digital Herbarium contains:

(A) An incidental journal/diary of interesting plants found on expeditions which have provided good photographs that we know plant people will enjoy.

(B) Albums:

  • An album of plant photographs digitally collected in Newfoundland in 2012
  • An album of summer flowering plants found in Iceland during 2015.
    • Note: In the image captions of the Iceland album  [n]  refers to the species sequence number in Kristinsson H (2010) Flowering Plants and Ferns of Iceland
  • Summer flowering plants from the island of Grand Manan in 2017 – there are two links available:
    (1) Grand Manan – Page with Descriptions and photographs
    (2) Grand Manan – Album of photographs
  • Coming soon … early autumn plants from the West Highlands of Scotland 2016

(C) Searchable Lists:

Still in development – but to see where this is going click here

digital-botanistIf you are technically proficient enough, our images can be downloaded but we do ask that you please respect our copyright and that you seek permission for use of any of them in the public realm.