early March 2014

Still under more than a foot of frozen snow and overnight temperatures reaching minus 20C – this winter has been tooooo long.

5 March sunny start, minus 15C with light snow falling; conditions must have been just right for the falling snowflakes to look like spangles, catching the sunlight as they fell. Also sparkling on top of the previously fallen snow, so just these flakes had just the right crystal structure. Difficult to photograph but he tried:

2014-03-05_ 4


Yesterday the 2012 Amaryllis started to break bud so I brought it up to the dining room windowsill where it is opening two blooms. The expensive prepared bulb bought last fall has two flower stems but the buds look puny and a long way from opening yet.

8 March A couple of the squirrels are now sufficiently light and hungry to have managed the leap from the larch tree to crash land on the bird feeders. Richard had four attempts at lopping pieces off the lowest branch to prevent this, but we seem to have stymied them for now. The 2012 Amaryllis has three flowers buds, one almost open.