April 2013

11 April

So far spring has been much colder than last year and maybe a bit cooler than usual; snowdrops are lasting well and the clumps seem to be expanding, possibly following the wet summer last year. Large clumps of purple crocuses have appeared everywhere – must remember to buy white or yellow or those little mauve species ones in the fall. On the other hand the purple ones do not suffer damage by squirrels or birds as yellow ones do.

I’m going to England next week so grabbed the opportunity of a sunny interval to plant out the indoor hyacinths from this winter. I also managed to cut down some of the dead stems which were obscuring crocus blooms – mixed feelings about that as what I can see better, so can the squirrels…and Mr Bunny who has been much in evidence lately. The question is: who is guilty of nibbling tulips shoots??