mid September

As usual, where did the summer go? After our visit to Newfoundland and Labrador in late June/early July it got really hot and now we’re back from Kenauk and it is distinctly cool by comparison. However, warm enough to work in comfort in the garden with only a smock to protect my clothes.

Very satisfied with continuous flower colour from early spring (first thaw) until now. Currently (22 Sept) we have a few last phlox and the odd rose bloom, autumn crocus nearly over,dark pink asters at front just starting to bloom, David’s hibiscus still doing well, dahlias still magnificent as well as window boxes of petunias and pots of geraniums, heliotrope, ipomea (dark red leaf), hanging baskets, canna lilies and acidanthera all still in bloom, if not quite as tidy as a few weeks ago.

However, time to start work for months ahead: R dug up the little sapling from the pagoda dogwood and I started repotting lilies which had died back into plastic pots to be sunk in the holding bed.