mid June

Fireflies first seen this weekend (15/16) although that was also the first time I remembered to look for them.

We have never had so many flowers in bloom at once before; partly our plantings are maturing but also the unusual weather patterns that delayed some things and then brought others on early has helped. The Heidi peonies bloomed earlier this year and are settling in although one is badly positioned if it is not going to get much taller. More rainfall has resulted in huge burgeoning growth which now needs watering…..

Goldfinches have been more active around the garden after not being much in evidence for a few weeks. They are using the ceramic hanging bird bath and eating niger seed from the feeders, males chasing one another away from females so the year is moving on for them. Toads were trilling in the pond again when the sprinkler was “raining” into the pond so Inspector Crow has left a few.



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